Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Greetings from the Day family from Franklin, TN: Roger -- a children's musician; Jodie -- a preschool special education speech teacher; Thomas -- a 15 year old; Marjory -- a 13 year old and Jacob -- a 9 year old. We're very excited to share our once-in-a-lifetime, 5300 mile, 17 state, 3 state trooper family trip with you. We've included plenty of pictures and where possible links to relevant web sites. If you ever have any questions about planning a similar trip, feel free to contact us.

PURPOSE: We've always had a big trip out west on our family "to do" list. With one in high school and two more not far behind -- not to mention an ever busier slate of activities -- we knew if we didn't block out the time NOW, we would never do it. So in August of 2007, we marked off 4 weeks on the summer 2008 calendar with the vague idea that we would "go west". Our goal was to create a memorable family trip with a focus on National Parks, hiking and camping. So we traded in our minivan for a 15 passenger Chevy van -- aka The Taj Mah Van -- packed our boots and our tents and took off. Take a look at our blog and see for yourselves how we did!

FAVORITE PART: The first question we inevitably get is "What was your favorite part?" The answer from the kids unequivocally is Soaring Tree Top Adventures in Durango, CO. It's an amazing zip line course the flies through old growth ponderosa pines and across the Animas River. Second favorite was the Narrows hike through the Virgin River in Zion National Park. Third favorite depends on you ask. The Bright Angel Trail down into the Grand Canyon was the most physically demanding thing we did; white water rafting down the Snake River in Jackson Hole the most adrenaline pumping; Mount Rushmore at night the most moving; seeing a bear run through our campsite at Colter Bay in Grand Teton the most frightening -- but who can beat sitting on a giant Jackalope at Wall Drug in South Dakota? That's truly not something you can do everyday!

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MemoryMaker said...

Hi Roger. We have enjoyed your shows in Springdale , Ar. My husband and I actually are children's musicians and asked if we could sing one of your songs ( Mosquito Burrito ) during our tour this summer. You graciously said yes. What we found was after our show people would pick up our CD and say... " Umm... Is Mosquito Burrito not on here?" We would remind them that as a song introduction we said it was by Roger Day and although he said we could sing it, we didnt think he would appreciate us recording it ! So Kudos to you for such a great song! Thanks for letting us sing it this summer . We did 51 shows in about 8 weeks this summer . It was our first tour ever. I doubt we will ever be as "famous" as you and a limo ride I do not see in the near future BUT, I do hope to move past the Motel 6 extravaganza. Exactly how long does that take and how do you survive it? :) Can't wait to see you again, Randy and Debbie Mays- The Kiddos!