Friday, July 25, 2008

June 20 Mesa Verde/Four Corners/Bluff, UT

Today, we left Durango early and made the short drive to  Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. It is an amazing structure built directly in the cliffs. (We are so proud of Roger.  He climbed every ladder, even the 100 foot one at Cliff Palace. He is overcoming his fear of heights!) We toured Cliff Palace and Balcony  House. It's fascinating to realize these structures and artifacts are the only clues left to understand this culture. It's like a guessing game with many pieces. Why did the leave? And where did they go? 

We left Mesa Verde and headed to Four Corners with a view of Shiprock Mountain about 50 miles away. What a fun place. We bought some turquoise jewelry from the Navajos there. Of course, we took pictures of all of us standing on all four states. Thomas drove through all four states within a minute - wow, he's really good!

We finished the day driving on the Trail of the Ancients Highway 162 to Bluff, Utah, the most populated town in southeastern Utah at a lovely, family-owned motel, the Recapture Lodge. We ate dinner at the Cottonwood Steakhouse and discovered after years of living in Cottonwood in Tennessee what a REAL Cottonwood tree looks like.

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