Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 7 Mt. Washburn - Upper Falls

Roger, Thomas, and Marjory went to hike Mount Washburn. It still had a lot of snow to cross. The top was winding and cold, but the view was amazing. They saw Big Horn Sheep to add to our animal collection.
Jacob and I stayed around the Village and went horseback riding. The horses are where the old hotel was located until 1960 when it burned. We rode around the meadows and through the woods – it was beautiful. The visitors center tells all about volcanoes and earthquakes – we are really beginning to understand the area of Yellowstone. When we watch the movies we have seen most of the sights – that is fun. The guide said that only 2 percent of people in Yellowstone get off the main path. There are awesome things to see and do when you do – our kids are saying that we are even lower in the percent because we have done most of the things to do!!! We took the Uncle Tom’s Trail to the lower falls – it is 328 steps straight down – going down wasn’t bad – going up was harder! We went back to the Upper Falls and there was a rainbow in the mist. Back to the campsite – it is much warmer today with a slight chill to the air. We have dinner and enjoy the campfire with Thomas playing guitar and singing.

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