Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 11 Mt. Rushmore to St. Joseph, MO

We went to take a picture in front of Mt. Rushmore – it is amazing whoever thought of carving people’s faces out of a mountain. We are off on our 1300 mile journey back home to Frankin. Gabe says that it is 1299.9 miles home. We are going to follow Lewis and Clark’s trail although Roger is banned from stopping at visitor’s centers on the way.
Our first destination is Wall Drug, SD. This is a store that has everything! It has jackolopes, jewelry, food, toys, shirts, machine playing banjos, … and more. It even has a backyard that has fountains to play in and deluxe bathrooms. It takes fun tacky to a whole new meaning. Then we drove through the Badlands National Park – another fascinating rock formation out of nowhere. We tried to have a picnic, but the winds were so strong that everything blew away! Back to the road. Finally we drive to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. The outside is decorated in corn cobs – it uses 8 types of corn for color and it is redecorated every year with a new theme. We had to buy popcorn of course. Now we continue as far as we can go!!We added more states, but it was too dark to add pictures.

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