Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4 Yellowstone Grant Village to Old Faithful

It's the 4th of July and here we are at Yellowstone National Park. It is the first visit for all but Roger. Yellowstone is basically one big super volcano, called a caldera. The geysers are unbelievable -- in fact a little unnerving – to realize how the earth works and can change at any time. Some are so beautiful and some so powerful. We stopped at the West Thumb of the Yellowstone Lake to see the pools there. One is so blue it looks like the Bahamas, the others are bubbling they are so hot. We are getting drawn into the world of Yellowstone’s magic. Next we drove to Old Faithful. It went off just as we walked up to welcome us to this place. We walked the pathway among the geysers and saw the many types and forms of geysers. I’ve included a few pictures to show the different types. The names are fun – Castle geyser, Grotto geyser, Grand geyser… It is fascinating. We stayed at the amazing Old Faithful Inn -- in fact we planned our entire trip around the fact that we were able to get a reservation in early October for the 4th of July -- We ate dinner in the Old Faithful Dining Room served by a guy from Clarksville TN, then went for a walk to see the geysers. Marjory really wanted to see the Grand
Geyser – its window for exploding is 3 hours. We actually got there just in time. We left there to Riverside geyser and saw it (it shoots our over the river). Thomas got to see the Beehive geyser too. We definitely got to see fireworks this year – they were just God’s fireworks.

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