Monday, July 28, 2008

June 17 - Route 66 - Cadillac Ranch - Albuquerque

The plan comes together! Thomas and I left the Schurrs and took off across the plains of Oklahoma and Texas heading towards Albuquerque, NM. Though everyone says "it's flat as a pancake" we discovered according to our new best friend "Gabe" the Garmin GPS that we actually gained nearly 3,000 feet in elevation as we crossed the state.

We weren't all business though. We stopped at the famed "Cadillac Ranch"  -- which inspired the great Bruce Springsteen song -- just off I-40 outside of Amarillo and the NATIONAL Route 66 musueum in Elk City, OK. (We could have stopped at the STATE Route 66 museum -- but no! -- we decided to go NATIONAL.) After driving about 15 miles out of our way, we learned the true meaning of tourist trap. Check out the big Route 66 picture!

After a meeting a friendly Texas State Trooper, we drove on to the Albuquerque Airport where we met up with Jodie, Marjory and Jacob. The plan worked!! We still had to drive an hour to Sante Fe though, excited to be back together again.

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