Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 6 Mammoth Hot Springs to Canyon Village

The prairie dogs were awake and playing when we got up. Elk were grazing nearby as we walked over to see the Calcite springs. They are very white and look like dried waterfalls. It is like the mountain is forming from the inside out. We are so close to the elk.
After a big ice cream cone, we left Mammoth (with our keys, sorry) and drove towards Canyon Village. We took several hikes. We saw a coyote, ---, elk, bison, and had a snowball fight – played snow baseball at the trail head to Mt. Washburn…..
At Canyon Village, we set up camp right after a storm passed through. It is very cold and wet – the coldest night yet. We went to see the Upper Falls – oh my goodness – the power of the water is scary. The water bounces up like fireworks. The lower falls are awesome too, but we are farther away, so it is not as terrifying. The walls of the falls are “rusting” with different formations on the side. A warm campfire with more stories and laughing - Ah off to bed in our good sleeping bags!

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