Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 3 Jackson – Whitewater Rafting down the Snake River

We woke up to a beautiful day – no signs of Cinnamon the Bear. We visited the Colter Bay Visitor’s Center and saw fascinating Indian artifacts – a necklace made of Grizzly claws, beautiful beading of clothes, and great weapons (Jacob liked those). The comment about these Indians is that they were very settled and peaceful with food plentiful which gave them time for making beautiful clothes and crafts. We packed up camp and headed to Jackson Hole for a whitewater trip at Charlie Sands Whitewater. The Snake River is at a historical high. It actually peaked 3 days ago, so it is extremely fast. The weather is warm - yeah. We got into a 14 man boat with our lifejackets. Man is that water COLD! 43 degrees! We made it through Class 2 and 3 rapids. The best was “Lunch Counter” which is 4 huge waves right after the other. It was followed by “Cottonwood” which is a long set of class 3 rapids, so we felt right at home again. We also saw a bald Eagle and several Ospreys. We wandered around Jackson – had our picture taken in front of the Elk Arch in honor of Patti. Next we climbed boulders at Jenny Lake. The previous climbing experiences paid off. Finally we drove into Yellowstone National Park - seeing the effects of the 1988 fire still evident. Also there is still snow on the ground and the mosquitoes are out again! Everyone is excited to sleep in a hotel at Grant Village.

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